Texas A&M University


  • POLS209: Introduction to Political Research Methods

  • POLS309: Polimetrics

  • POLS489: Civil Conflict


  • POLS689: Tools for Quantative Political Analysis*

  • POLS603: Quantitative Political Analysis II (MLE/GLMs)

  • POLS606: Modeling Politics in Space and Time I⁺

  • POLS607: Modeling Politics in Space and Time II⁺

  • POLS606: Spatial Econometrics

  • POLS633: Civil Conflict

* Co-taught with Paul Kellestedt
⁺  Co-taught with Guy Whitten

University of Pittsburgh 


  • PS0700: Research Methods in Political Science

  • PS1534: Civil Wars

Invited Courses 

University of Essex Summer School of Data Analysis (2015 - 2019) 

  • 3H: Spatial Econometrics

GESIS (Cologne) - Spring Seminar (2018) 

  • Spatial Analysis and Spatial Econometrics (co-taught with Jude Hays)