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Book Chapter

  • Cook, Scott J., Jude C. Hays, and Robert J. Franzese. 2019. “Model Selection and Spatial Interdependence,” Forthcoming in The Sage Handbook for Research Methods in Political Science & International Relations.

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Article Manuscripts  

  • “Bias due to network misspecification under spatial dependence” co-authored with Timm Betz and Florian Hollenbach. Revise & Resubmit at Political Analysis.

  • “Legislative Oversight and the Transparent Reporting of Deadly Force” co-authored with David Fortunato. Under review.

  • “Informed Analysis of Incomplete Datasets: Bayesian Estimation of Binary Outcomes from Truncated Samples,” co-authored with Betsabe Blas, Raymond Carroll, and Samiran Sinha.

  • “Using Maps in Research: What can they tell us and how do we know?” co-authored with Samantha Zuhlke.

  • “Lost in Aggregation: Spatial aggregation and event data” with Nils Weidmann

  • “A Spatial Model of Nuclear Technology Diffusion,” co-authored with Matthew Fuhrmann and Benjamin Tkach

Current Grants

  • National Science Foundation Research Grant (DMS-1925119). Sep 1, 2019 - Aug 31, 2022. “Global Terrorism Threat Detection by Nonstationary, Spatio-Temporal Hawkes Process Models,” Co-PI with Mikyoung Jun. ($315,999).