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  • ''Random? As if - Spatial Interdependence and Instrumental Variables'' co-authored with Timm Betz and Florian Hollenbach.  Revise and Resubmit. 
  • "Beyond Policy Diffusion: Spatial Econometric Models of Public Administration" co-authored with Seung-Ho An and Nathan Favero. Revise and Resubmit. 
  • "Spatial, Temporal, and Spatiotemporal Aggregation and Inference with TSCS data"
  • "Informed Analysis of Incomplete Datasets: Bayesian Estimation of Binary Outcomes from Truncated Samples," co-authored with Betsabe Blas, Raymond Carroll, and Samiran Sinha.
  • "Model Selection and Spatial Analysis," co-authored with Jude C. Hays and  Robert J. Franzese.
  • "A Spatial Model of Nuclear Technology Diffusion," co-authored with Matthew Fuhrmann and Benjamin Tkach
  • "The Developmental Peace"